Our Vision

School Vision
An institution that seeks to meet the demands for a globally competitive formal education, the Monteverde Learning Center, now MONTE CRISTO RESEARCH and EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE (REI) envisions itself as a matrix for the child’s holistic development through provision of useful, relevant and adequate learning experiences.

School Mission
MONTE CRISTO REI, guided by the values of Maka-Diyos (Godly) and Maka-Tao (Humane) commits to serve the humanity in order to produce graduates who are both globally and locally productive and will eventually become prime movers of our society.

School Goals

  1. Participate in the quest for a more humane, just, and God-fearing society.
  2. Optimize human potentials and direct their use towards progress and constructive development.
  3. Help promote general welfare by providing gainful extension services to the less privileged.
  4. Maximize research in the acquisition of advanced and useful information/communication technology and teaching strategies.
  5. Provide continuing professional education to its faculty through trainings, seminars and relevant studies here and abroad.

School Objectives

  1. To provide the basic knowledge and develop foundation skills, attitudes, and values essential to the learner’s personal development to enable him/her to adjust easily to the changing social milieu.
  2. To provide learning experiences which develop and enhance the learner’s orientation to work and to prepare him/her for effective and constructive involvement in honest and gainful work.
  3. To instill discipline and love of God, care for self, nature, and others.
  4. To develop and enrich the learner’s understanding of concepts and life’s realities with the use of innovative and most effective teaching methodologies
  5. To maintain an amicable learning environment and workplace for all constituents in order to appreciate life and live it to the fullest.