School Officials

Joseph Provenzano

Vice President

Dean of staff professional development and advisor in structural and systematic aspects.

Mr Joseph Provenzano BA, Bed, MSW. Flinders University Bedford Park Adelaide South Australia.

Professor Joseph has vast experiences in both K-13 and University teaching. Joseph is currently a Flinders University Academic staff and student studying Graduate entry Law and legal Practice Degree. Going on to study a Doctoral in Psychology. Together with going on teaching numerous subjects,

Joseph also brings us a strategic plan for the following aspects; structural, funding, curriculum design and staff professional development. Joseph is passionate with developing and assisting lower socio-economic communities. He brings a wealth of information with the possibility for tertiary courses to be run from this school. His first aim is for the school is to have clear strategic goals. This ideally would mean collaboration of the following entities; the education department, the minister of education, NGO’s, The United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), The Un charter of rights for all children to have a basic education, the local communities and local businesses. Joseph understands that poverty is the leading cause to many third world societies’ maladies. Strengthening educational institutions in partnerships with all the stake holders should see a closer and productive ties with all parties, also improving  living conditions by structural and partnerships potentially increases wealth which in turn attracts high tech jobs add better skilled jobs in the area.


Joy Picar Labaguis

School President

Ms. Joy loves to share her talents in digital arts to children in MCREI. As a passionate photographer, she used to be the school photographer in many of MCREI’s special events. Joy was a consistent honor student in her school days. She used to bag medals and distinction awards both in high school and college.


Portia Soriano


One of the pillars of MCREI, a co-founder committed school official. She used to teach MCREI students when she was still connected with EARIST Cavite Campus. She handled subjects as history, social science, and research. Ma’am Pors as her peers used to call her,  is a consistent honor student in her elementary, high school, and college years. She graduated magna cum laude in Bachelor of Science in History at Philippine Normal University. She obtained her Master’s degree in History at University of Santo Tomas. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree at University of the Philippines- Diliman.


William Picar

School Consultant

As school consultant for the K to 12 Maritime Education Program, he remains to be down to earth, being consistent with his advocacy to help uplift living standards of the Filipino people through an affordable but quality education. Capt. Wily ,as his colleagues call him, was a Master Mariner and currently holding a position at Asian Institute of Maritime Studies in Pasay City as head of Training, Assessment, and Placement. He is a Master in Maritime Education and Training.


Edna T. Mercado

MCREI Consultant

A humble member of MCREI’s board of directors, is by profession a professor and director of College of Science Graduate Studies at De La Salle University- Dasmarinas. Known to us as Dr. Edna, is a straightforward woman whose heart has been dedicated to teaching that made her school proud and grateful to her for having reached to a level 4 accreditation who spent most of her time in such undertaking. She used to give trainings for MCREI faculty  for their professional growth that will in turn benefit the students for their improvement in academic achievement especially math and science subjects.


Lolita M. Cristobal

Accounting Supervisor/ Legal  Counselor

Ma’am Lolit is a disciplinarian of which qualities have been developed over years being a former guidance counselor in her former Chinese school. She is strict and steadfast but still has the heart that melts promptly especially for the needy. With her, MCREI is so blessed for having not only one of the most pretty faces but also the kindest and joyous heart ever. She is the overall overseer of MCREI.


Cherry G. Baro



The school principal, Ma’am Cherry is a scholar and dedicated teacher. She has been an assistant to the principal then Sir Dhan since the opening of high school department in 2010. Being a talented and hardworking companion in running the school, she always prioritizes school matters. She is a candidate for graduation in masters of education major in educational administration.


Mac Picar

IT Support/Secretary


Danny G. Pacaldo


As a co-founder for the school’s high school department, he devotes his extra time in teaching science and computer subjects in MCREI. Known to many as Sir Dhan, is a dedicated and hardworking man whose aim is to break the barrier between poverty and educational success which he has achieved and proven.  At his young age, he is currently a candidate for graduation in a doctorate in educational management.


Olivia T. Picar


One of the pillars of MCREI, founder, and advocate of MCREI’s VMGO, Ma’am Olive looks forward to the realization of her wildest dream, the bringing of MCREI to the international communities. Striving always to live by the Holy Father’s will, she gives up all her ambitions to Him, after all, nothing she does here on earth  is of value unless it has been God approved. God bless Monte Cristo REI forever!